About Us


We are Aurora and Paolo: we have been married for 38 years and we have been living in our country villa in Ariccia for 26 years now.


Rory and Paul

We decided to escape the bustle of Rome to enjoy the mild climate, the pure air, the peaceful environment of this wonderful area of the Castelli Romani and at the same time to be really close to all the amenities of the town centre and in easy reach of the city of Rome.

Now our children are grown up and have left home so we offer part of our large property as a holiday home especially for foreign guests, as we can speak English, French and Spanish.

We are living with two of our five children who understand and speak English and French too: Giovanni who is a Software Engineer and Cristina who is attending university. 

One of our sons, Beniamino, is a Specialist Registrar in Great Britain and my elder daughter, Maria, is a Social Care Professional in Ireland and when they sometimes come back home they enjoy meeting our guests.  

My eldest son, Bernardo, is a Network Engineer in Rome and has helped us in building this website. 

As we are a large family we are used to hosting friends welcoming them in a cordial atmosphere and providing them with all the comforts they need.